question list

Q: What is Premier Properties' Office Hours?

Mon-Thurs  8:30am-5:00pm
Friday         8:30am-3:00pm
Sat-Sun           Closed

However if you wish to speak with someone after hours please call: 952-941-2400.

Q: Does Premier Properties allow dogs?

No matter the size, dogs are not allowed at any apartments that are managed by Premier Properties.

Q: How do I get to Premier Properties' main office?

Here is the link to the map: Click Here!

Q: How do I Apply for an Apartment?

The best way to apply to any of our apartments is to first find the apartment that you desire. Then contact our main office to find out if that apartment is still available by either calling us at 952-941-2400. You can also arrange a showing with our main office and fill out the application in person either at the apartment showing or at our main office as well.

The application fee is $35 per adult.

Q: How do I properly pay my rent?

Payments: Resident will pay Premier Properties the full monthly rent before midnight of the first day of each month while lease is in effect, and during any extensions or renewals of the lease. 

Responsibility: Each resident is individually responsible for paying the full amount of rent and any other money owed to Premier Properties.  

Late Rent & Returned Check Fees: Resident will pay the service charged of $40.00 if rent is received after the 5th day of the month and/or does not pay the full monthly rent. Resident will also pay a fee of $30 for each returned check.

You can pay your rent online by clicking "Pay Rent" off of our website. To do so, you will first need to either create an account if it your first time, or log into your account off of the pay portal. Please note that there is a service charge for all rent payments that are submitted online. That service charge varies by the type of payment that is submitted.

You may also mail rent payments to us at the following address:

Premier Properties, LLC
P.O. Box 390383
Edina, MN 55439 

Rent payments may also be dropped off in person at our main office. For any questions please contact the main office.

Q: How do I submit a maintence request?


For your convenience you are now able to submit a non emergency maintenance requests off of our website.

Here is the link to submit a maintenance request: Click Here!

For all maintenance orders/requests someone will either be at your apartment or contact you within 48 hours from the request.

Q: How do I terminate my lease/move out?

If a resident moves out of their apartment before the date on his or her lease, the resident is responsible for rent and any other losses or cost including court costs and attorney's fees. 

Your lease has a specified duration or ending date, it may be terminated or non-renewed by either Premier Properties or resident giving the other party written notice equal to the notice period, with the effective date of any notice on the last of the month. 

If the resident fails to give notice of lease termination, the lease shall continue as a "month to month lease" and all terms shall remain the same except for any terms changed by Premier Properties.

A lease may be terminated by either party giving written notice equal to the notice period with the notice being effective on the last day of the month. For purposes counting the days of any notice given by the resident, the notice must be received at the office of Premier Properties at least 58 days before the last day of the month.

When the lease is month-to-month, Premier Properties and resident may terminate the lease only by giving the other party written notice equal to the notice period. A notice to cancel a lease is effective on the last day of the month. Premier Properties may change any terms of a month-to-month lease, by giving the resident written notice equal to the notice period.

*Notice period is 58 days.

*Contact the Premier Properties main office for any questions about moving out.